As you probably know, a tire rotation at Gensinger Motors in Clifton NJ means that the technicians in our service center re-position all four of your tires. By following the proper rotation pattern, your tires can wear more evenly, last longer and help keep you and your family safer on roads around Clifton and Wayne, NJ. Here are a few more details on why regular tire rotations are such a good idea.

Advantage #1: Help your tires last longer

The tires on the front of your car carry a bigger load in a front-wheel-drive vehicle because of steering and driving. They're also located under the engine so that's an additional wear factor. When car owners in Montclair and Fair Lawn, NJ allow us to rotate your tires regularly, we take the tires that have been wearing faster and put them into position to wear more slowly. In effect, you're spreading out the wear-and-tear more evenly.

Advantage #2: Better fuel efficiency

When tires are wearing out, it’s harder to maintain proper contact with the road. That results in greater friction which puts a strain on your engine and reduces fuel efficiency. You also use more gasoline because the engine is working harder. A regular tire rotation can reduce that friction and lighten the demands on your engine, which gives you better gas mileage and even better traction.

Advantage #3: Save money

Regular tire rotations help you save on gas. In addition, by making your tires wear more evenly and last longer, you're spending less money replacing old, worn-out tires. How often should you rotate your tires? We recommend that car owners from Bloomfield, NJ and all over New Jersey get a tire rotation with every oil change. Schedule a tire rotation soon in our service center at Gensinger Motors in Clifton NJ.

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