Because Volkswagen sells two separate compact SUVs, one question that many of our New Jersey customers ask is: Which is bigger, the Taos or the Tiguan? Because this is such a frequently asked question, we think it’s time we provide a definitive answer.

The Volkswagen Tiguan

As a compact SUV, the Tiguan is unique as it comes with a third row of seats, making it capable of holding up to seven occupants. This extra row of seats helps the VW Tiguan stand out as not many small SUVs offer this feature. But due to this extra row of seats, its cargo space isn’t as large as others in its class. In terms of size, the Tiguan measures 175.8 inches long.

The Volkswagen Taos

As a new compact SUV in the Volkswagen lineup, the Taos, which can seat five, offers a comfortable ride experience like few can. And since there is no third-row seating, this crossover offers more cargo room for passengers to enjoy. As for its size, the Taos length is measured at 164.5 inches.

Tiguan vs. Taos: Final Verdict

After looking at these two vehicles, we see that the Volkswagen Tiguan is larger, measuring 9.3 inches longer than the Taos. Although the Tiguan may be slightly bigger due to it needing more room for its third row of seats, it does come at the cost of a small cargo space. If a compact SUV with seating for seven is what you need, the Volkswagen Taos is a perfect choice.

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