If you are considering purchasing a previously owned Volkswagen vehicle in Clifton, NJ, you can decide to either purchase a traditional used vehicle or a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen. At Gensinger Motors, we encourage all of our Clifton, NJ customers to consider purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen due to the considerable benefits that it will provide them.

Guaranteed Thorough Inspections

When you buy a traditional used vehicle, it may not be inspected. You will have to perform the inspection yourself and be satisfied with your ability to determine whether or not the vehicle is up to your standards. However, every Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen you look at will have already had trained Volkswagen technicians to look at the vehicle. They will be looking at every major system and part, including the steering, brakes, and engine, to ensure that they are in good working order.

Receive a Complete History of the Vehicle

When you purchase Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen, you will receive a CARFAX history report. Even though the vehicle will have been thoroughly inspected, some potential damage may not have been spotted. A CARFAX history report can give you all of the important information you need to know about events that may cause you problems down the road, such as previous accidents.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Covered with a Warranty

Many traditional used vehicles are not covered under a warranty. This is because when you buy a new car, the warranty only covers a few years and so many thousands of miles, and many used vehicles have surpassed those requirements. But when a vehicle is a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen, you are often given extra protection in the form of warranties. You can receive up to two years and a potential of unlimited miles of additional warranty protection by choosing to purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen.

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