Clifton, NJ shoppers are busier than ever before and are even more hesitant to wait around in crowded places without a very good reason. This might give you pause to get your car serviced, but Gensinger Motors Inc. has designed a way to make this all possible for you. It is so important to maintain a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle and that begins with scheduling time to get this done. You can now schedule your service entirely online with minimum hassle on your part.

Go Online Today

Part of the reason why so many people struggle to get their vehicle serviced when they should is because of a lack of planning. It can be difficult to just show up at a service center and expect your car to get in right away. With Gensinger Motors Inc., you can just hop online and schedule your next service right there. The spot will be held for you and our service team will be ready to start working on your Volkswagen as soon as you arrive.

Remember These Service Appointments

You will want to remember that you should have an oil change about every 5,000 miles. This helps to keep your engine properly lubricated and protects it from overheating. You will also want to have your tires rotated regularly in order to extend their life. Other recommended service appointments involve your brakes, transmission, and battery.

Schedule Your Service Today

Take time right now to go online and get your next Volkswagen service on the books with Gensinger Motors Inc. We have a complete team of certified service technicians ready to take care of your vehicle just like it was their own. Be sure to check our service specials page as well!

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