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When buying a new or used car, you'll have the option to either take out a loan or set up a long or short term lease plan. Many drivers in Clifton NJ find that leasing is a fantastic option for them! If you are looking to learn more about leasing one of our new models we encourage you to start with one of our financial team members. We'll ensure you know everything there is to know before you make a decision.

Benefits of Leasing

Many drivers lean towards leasing because it allows you to drive a new car, without the commitment to own it forever. Most lease plans last three to five years. You'll first come in and pick out one of our available Volkswagen models that work for your lifestyle and budget. Once you have chosen a model to lease, you'll work with a financial advisor to set up monthly payments. When you lease, it is important to understand that you will have monthly payments each month until the end of your lease period. This is similar to renting!

Once your lease term is up, you'll have a few options. You can either return the car and the keys and walk away, return the car and pick out another to lease or buy, or you can even buy that car if you've fallen in love with it! When you lease it gives you more flexibility to find a car for the long haul that you might want to customize or resell (not available when leasing).

To learn more about leasing and if it's a good fit for you, contact us today! You can check out our lease specials to find more fantastic deals on models you'll love.

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