Searching for a new in New Jersey doesn't have to be a difficult or painstaking process. Trying to find exceptional value for your vehicle shouldn't be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. If you are feeling frustrated in your search for a new vehicle, the answer is as easy as perusing the leftover 2020 Volkswagen selection at our dealership. In the remaining 2020 VW models, you are sure to find something to catch your interests. Gensinger Motors, Inc, located at 842 Valley Road in Clifton, NJ, has the sales team and financing promotions to provide you with everything you want in the purchase or lease of a car, hatchback, or SUV.

Why Would I Buy a Leftover 2020 Model?

If you've driven by our dealership, you have probably seen the fact that there are some new 2021 Volkswagen models on our lot. We have noticed many customers stopping by to get their first look at what VW has to offer for this for model-year. With all of these new vehicles coming onto our lot, your first inclination may be to ask why you should shop for a 2020 Volkswagen vehicle when there are newer ones available. The answer is that there are some fantastic deals to be had.

Because the 2021 models are arriving in full force, we need to make room for them. Therefore, we are cutting prices on the remaining 2020 VW models to make them even more attractive to buyers. These discounts can be combined with any factory savings that are offered by Volkswagen.

What's in Our 2020 Volkswagen Selection?

Drivers who are curious about shopping our remaining 2020 inventory may be wondering what is currently available. The good news is that there are still many of the most popular VW models left in stock. You will be able to peruse Volkswagen vehicles like the Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, and Volkswagen Golf. The Jetta and Passat both offer you impressive daily commuters with zippy acceleration and responsive handling. The Golf does the same but offers you the utility of a hatchback. If you are looking for an SUV to remind you of the fun you can while driving, the Atlas Cross Sport is a good choice.

Explore the Current Volkswagen Financing Specials at Gensinger Motors, Inc

Gensinger Motors, Inc, in Clifton, NJ, has finance deals and lease promotions for the 2020 Volkswagen vehicles we have in stock. Apply for financing with our team today, so you can take advantage of the reduced prices on these 2020 VW models.