A Volkswagen vehicle is a wonderful investment that will last you many more years to come. To take full advantage of the vehicle you have purchased, it is a good idea to follow a routine maintenance schedule that we here at Gensinger Volkswagen can recommend for you. If you're in the Bloomfield NJ area, we encourage you to bring your vehicle in for an oil change every six months to one year. The frequency has a lot to do with the usage of your vehicle. If you drive very frequently or use lower quality oil, expect to bring your vehicle into our service center more often. If you have a busy schedule and want to bring your vehicle in less, we can use a specific oil that is designed to last for a longer amount of mileage.

What an Oil Change Provides Your Vehicle With

When you change the oil in your engine, your vehicle will be protected in several ways. Over time, particulates can accumulate in your engine oil. If you were to leave these particulates in your vehicle, your engine and transmission could suffer greatly from this old oil. You could drastically be shortening the life of your vehicle. When your entire engine or transmission goes, this is a repair that can be very expensive to take on. This is often something that can't even be repaired. A fast and affordable oil change is worth the investment.

Quality of Products

We use only the highest quality oils and filters at our dealership's service center. We want to make sure that the oil change we're performing is worth your time and money. It's not different than paying close attention to the quality of food that you put into your body. The kind of oil you use will determine how safe and 'healthy' your engine is.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a routine oil change near the Bloomfield NJ area, schedule your next service appointment at Gensinger Volkswagen today and get access to our exclusive service specials. There are many other routine service tasks that we can complete on your Volkswagen that will help it run efficiently and smoothly. Most people know about oil changes. Not everybody knows about other things like tire rotations and alignments.

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